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Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

I know, Carpet Cleaning, right? It’s the kind of thing that is always put on to the back burner of your brain, right until the time when you are trying to sell your house, or the smell from that ‘strange dark spot’ has become too intrusive.
And we’re not talking about the kind of cleaning you do when you drop a bit of cake, or have a bit of an accident with your meat pies, or your kids track in a bit of dirt; the kind where you get down on your hands and knees with a bit of damp cloth.
The kind we’re talking about is the deep, hard, serious kind, the type that doesn’t just get rid of the surface layer of dirt and contaminants, but gets right down deep into the lower layers of your carpet and gets rid of the mould, grime and bacteria hidden all the way down there.
It’s the kind of clean that brings your carpets back to life, looking and, just as important, smelling like they did the day they were laid down.

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carpet cleaning Wollongong

Now, perhaps, you’re thinking, ‘I don’t need a deep down carpet clean. I’m really careful with my vacuuming regime. I do it every week.’
To which, we say, ‘Well done.’ But vacuuming isn’t enough.
Remember how we said that you really need to get down deep into the lower layers of your carpet fibre, right down into the forest floor? Well, vacuuming only sucks up what’s at the surface; the leafy canopy of the fibre forest, shall we say. All the other stuff down on the forest floor still remain, and they are the stuff that gives your carpets the gritty feel, the discoloured look and that strange smell that you can quite place.
To bring the carpet back to life fully, you need a full carpet cleaning service from someone who has years like experience.
And carpets are not all we do. Not by a long shot. We will also clean rugs, your upholstery or furniture and your mattresses; we have stain and odour removal services, we will clean your tile and grout of mould and mildew, and we will do all of that not just for domestic home customers, but for commercial customers like hotels, theatres, town house complexes, offices, shops and anything else that has carpet, rugs, mattress, tiles and grout.
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About US

Our contractors will use all of their skills and technical ability to transform your carpets from their dusty, gritty, grimy, bacteria-ridden former selves to their initial clean, beautiful, lush glory.
And we don’t stop at just carpets. Your rugs have many of the same problems as carpets and may also require a deep clean, but not all rugs are created the same, and so not all rug cleans are uniform. 
Mattresses can be home to all types of things you would prefer not invade your dreams; bacteria, dust mites that live off your dead skin cells. Our mattress cleaning services will clean your mattresses of all these types of infestations, allowing you a comfortable night sleep.
We will clean your tiles and grout of mould and mildew and grime, we will clean your upholstery and furniture, and bring them back to freshness. Our stains and odour removal services will clean up your poor pooch’s little accidents, and remove the urine odour that hangs around regardless of how often you try to clean it.
All in all, there is a lot that we can handle. So call us, or fill out that contact form and one of the friendly staff will talk to you as soon as possible.

Our Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Wollongong

carpet cleaning Wollongong

There are many types of carpets. Carpets are made with different fibres, and are cut in different styles. Some fibres and styles can handle stronger cleans, while other fibres and styles require a more measured touch.
Our carpet cleaning strategy will change to suit the type of carpet we have to clean. A one-size fits-all cleaning approach may ruin the carpet, or not be enough to clean it. That is why you need the services of professional carpet cleaners like us.

Upholstery Cleaning Wollongong

upholstery cleaning Wollongong

How much of our day do we spend sitting on furniture, watching TV, eating dinner, playing with the kids or the pets? Other than when we specifically spill food or drink on our furniture and spend time looking for a cloth to wipe it away, how often do we even think about how clean our furniture and upholstery is?
You have crumbs, sugar, layers of skins and things like dust mites and other tiny critters that live off that kind of stuff, all sharing our space on the couch or sofa.
That’s something you no longer have to worry about. Just call us, and we’ll come and perform our Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning service, so that it looks and smells like brand new.

Commercial and Corporate Cleaning Wollongong

commercial carpet cleaning Wollongong

If you are in charge of a commercial or corporate business of any kind – a hotel, a cinema, an office block, a townhouse complex, or any other type of business that has carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstery, tiles and grout – we have Commercial and Corporate cleaning services for you as well. 

​No job is too big, and our cleaning contractors are awaiting your call.

Tile and grout Cleaning Wollongong

tile cleaning Wollongong

Ok, you might think that tile and grout cleaning is a strange service for a carpet cleaning company to offer. But we think that there are similarities that cause us to believe that we should also offer this service to you.
We believe cleaning your surfaces like carpet, rugs, upholstery, as well as tiles and grout, is a health service. By cleaning your tiles and grout of things like mould and mildew, we are providing the same kind of service as we do when cleaning your carpets or upholstery or rugs.
We are ensuring that your home is as clean as possible from mould and mildew and other things that can cause those who are particularly susceptible to breathing issues like asthma or who tend to suffer from skin irritation issues like eczema to get sick.
Tiles are often used in those areas that experience the most wetness, like bathrooms and kitchens. And mould just loves moisture. It will get into the grout and turn it an unhealthy shade of black buildup.
If you can already see mould buildup, it is likely that you are already breathing in its microscopic spores, so in that case it is vitally important you get a professional tile and grout cleaner like us in to clean those surfaces.
Ensuring your tile and grout are vigorously cleaned by a professional cleaning services is a great way of keeping you and your family healthier. If you or someone in your family already has breathing or allergy issues, it is particularly important that you ensure all mould buildups are cleaned even before you can see them.
So call us, or leave your details in the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Rug Cleaning Wollongong

rug cleaning Wollongong

Most of us have rugs of some kind. Maybe we don’t have carpets, but most of us put down some rugs to add a bit of splash and vibrancy to a room. And even if we do have carpets, we still have rugs to add some individualism. Rugs are often in high-traffic areas, and as such, they require the same attention to cleaning as your carpets do.
Like carpets, rugs come in many different types, and there is no one-size fits-all rug cleaning process that can handle all the different rug types.  But we will adapt our rug cleaning process to match your rug type.

Stain and Odour Removal Wollongong

stain removal Wollongong

If you are the parent of children, or the spouse of a particularly clumsy adult, or you have pets, or if you are yourself accident-prone, then you know that spillages happen, and strange smells occur.
Some crumbs are dropped here, a drink dropped there, and there is that weird dark patch in the corner that smells a little off. Regardless of our best efforts to clean it up ourselves, more crumbs remain behind, the dark patch gets bigger and the smell has a life of its own.
There’s no reason to worry about that. Our stain and odour removal service will do as the name entails; we will use our specialized chemical treatment to remove stains and odours, and make your carpets, rugs and furniture look and smell like brand new.

Mattress Cleaning Wollongong

mattress cleaning Wollongong

Over time, our mattresses become like the sets of a horror movie, with flaked off skin cells, bacteria and dust mites. Did you know dust mites breed and excrete on to your mattress?
It will make you scared to sleep again at night.
Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just get your mattress professionally cleaned by our contractors.

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Sometimes life gets in the way of giving our carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, tiles and grout the attention they deserve. 

Good cleaning takes time and effort; it makes sense if you are unable to give cleaning the focus that it requires. 

You need to call us. At Fresh Carpet Cleaning Wollongong we will ensure a quick, affordable and professional job.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Do I Need To Clean My Carpets?


Well … not to put too fine a point on it … but yes. Yes, you should clean your carpets.
If you own carpets you know that they, like pretty much anything in life, gets dirty. And the more they are used, the dirtier they get.
Carpets are sometimes placed in the highest trafficked areas of the house, like in the entrance way from the front door, for example. Mum and dads coming home from a tough day at work, kids coming in from the outside, pets just running around like crazy … and all of them bringing in dirt and durst and debris in from the outside and on to the carpets.
And if you have kids – or even particularly clumsy adults – you know that carpets seem to be a magnet for food spillages; the messier the food, the more likely the spillage.
And if you have pets, you also know that most of them have hair – some of them have a lot of hair – and the amount of hair that pets shed seems to directly correspond with how expensive the carpet is, and how easily the hair will show up against the carpet’s colour.
And pet’s pee. And that pee can smell. And that smell can stay around long after the pet has gone somewhere else.
So, yes, you should clean your carpets, because carpets go through a lot. Cleaning your carpets can bring back the beauty of your carpets. It can get rid of the smell, and it can ensure that carpets last longer. In fact, a lot of carpet manufacturers have, as part of their carpet’s warrant, a requirement that you have your carpets cleaned every 12 months.
But those reasons, while good, aren’t the only reasons. Because cleaning your carpets can also improve your health and the health of your family and guests. 

How Does Cleaning My Carpets Improve My Health?


Carpets house dirt, dust, debris and bacteria. If you have pets that shed hair, that hair can attract dust mites, as can your own dead skin cells. All of this stuff exists in your carpets, and everyday you add to them.
Now, you might think a good vacuum clean might be enough to get rid of that, and while a good vacuum schedule is a good thing of course, it is not enough.
Vacuuming only sucks up the surface layer of stuff from your carpet; if your carpet was a forrest, the vacuuming would suck up only the tree tops. But all that dirt, dust, bacteria and all that other stuff, finds its way down deep to the forest floor of the carpet, away from the vacuum’s ability to get to it.
Only a strong, tough deep-down carpet clean can get to that deep-down layer.
Now, how does this affect health?
When you walk on your carpets, your footsteps disturb the carpet fibres. All of that dirt, dust, bacteria, dust mites, and other things that cause allergies and breathing problems become airborne, and can easily be inhaled into your lungs.
This might not affect you, but it might affect people who are susceptible to breathing issues like asthma, who have allergies, or skin problems caused by allergic responses to these contaminants.
Vacuuming won’t get rid of all those contaminants, but a good tough carpet clean will.

How Often Should I Schedule A Carpet Clean?

For most people, the answer would be ‘more often than you currently do.’
But you probably want a slightly more definitive answer, although most answers are still preferenced with ‘That depends’.
A lot of carpet manufacturers include in their carpet’s warrant that the carpet should be cleaned every twelve months. This is a good starting measure.
But if you have kids, or pets, or often invite others into your home, or you’re perhaps a bit negligent on tracking in dirt from the outside, then a carpet clean schedule of every six to nine months might be better.
If, however, you have kids and pets, particularly if the pets aren’t yet toilet trained (ditto for the kids), if you smoke, if you have wild parties then you will obviously need to schedule a carpet clean even more regularly.
Keep a look out at your carpet. If your carpet is getting dark patches, if there is a strange smell, if sitting on your carpet causes your skin to itch, then regardless of the schedule, you probably need to get a carpet clean.

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